The new BEEM Samovar technology SGS & IHS

Samowar Querschnitt
Intelligent Heating System (IHS)
With 2.500 Watt power 4 litre water can be quickly boiled. The unique benefit of the BEEM Mr. Tea Samovar: below the inner base of the kettle is an intelligent double circle heating system. For quick boiling the complete 2.500 watts are available. Shortly before the boiling point is reached the system switches automatically onto 500 watts for energy saving, whereby the pre-set water temperature is held. A further benefit of the patented system: the Mr. Tea Samovar is equipped with a thermostat. The water temperature can be set anywhere between 50 – 100°C and held at this temperature. Without water the kettle switches off automatically.

Samowar Bodenaufsatz
Steam-stop system
The principle of the patented steam cover: Due to the optimal design of the steam-cover and the central warming area in the base of the teapot, the teapot is perfectly positioned in the middle of the steam-cover.

The teapot is kept warm by the rising steam. The water does not condense – as with other Samovars - over the complete base of the teapot, only on the central warming area. Only a few drops of water form on the bottom of the teapot. Water does not drip from the entire base when the teapot is removed to pour tea-concentrate into the cup. (Where does the steam go during the boiling of the water? See Steam Guidance System!)

Steam Guidance System (SGS)
Furthermore the steam-stop principle impedes steam from condensing on the complete base of the teapot. Neither the steamcover nor the whole base of the teapot becomes wet so that no condense water runs down the outside of the Samovar. For this reason BEEM has invented and patented the steam guidance system (SGS). The excess steam which occurs when boiling the water is directed by the SGS through the steam-vent mounted on the rear side of the Samovar. The steam does not escape upwards over the outside of the tea-pot, rather always at the rear and upwards. Furthermore the user can decide where the steam should be directed.

Samowar Dampfventil

Easy re-fill of water
Ingenious: The steam-cover has another practical feature: one only has to remove the teapot in order to re-fill the Samovar with water. The maximum filling level is to be observed. Due to over-filling of the Samovar can the SGS - Steam Guidance System - no longer function; the steam vent is blocked.

Samowar Wasser nachfüllen