BEEM Samovars

As far back as the early 18th century, samovars have been the epitome of tea-drinking pleasure. The advantages of this “self-boiling” pot were particularly valued in Russia and the Near East.

What makes a BEEM samovar so special:

  • A BEEM samovar is a large, energy-efficient kettle with an adjustable thermostat that can provide boiling, hot or warm water on demand all day long.

  • Fill the 1.2-liter teapot with whichever tea leaves you prefer, then add hot or boiling water from the drain valve of the samovar.

  • Next, set the teapot onto the perforated lid of the samovar, which draws hot steam from the water container to keep it at the perfect temperature.

  • Now you have concentrated tea in the teapot. Pour a little bit into your cup and fill it up with water from the drain valve of the samovar.

  • The strength of the tea can be adjusted as you like for each cup.

  • Thanks to the samovar’s 1500 watts of power and the latest technology, you can boil up to 3 liters of water within minutes.

  • The temperature you set using the dial is steadily maintained. The thermostat will turn back on as soon as the temperature drops by about 5°C.

  • You can also use the large container to prepare hot mulled wine, and you can easily make instant coffee, instant soups and other foods with hot or boiling water from the BEEM samovar. This “self-boiler” has countless talents.

  • High-quality materials and an elegant appearance make the BEEM samovar an eye-catcher in any living space.